Suubi's Sunny Smile

by Ssanyu Lukoma

illustrated by Sutekina Ame

ssanyu hero image

NEW in children’s books is Ssanyu Lukoma’s Suubi's Sunny Smile.

Moving to a new school is complicated -- but making new friends is even more of a challenge! Especially after being bullied about the gap in his teeth, Suubi struggles with his self-image. In this story, Suubi learns more about himself, confidence, and his heritage through conversations with his parents and teacher.

Suubi’s Sunny Smile combines prominent heritage and dental hygiene themes, with an important anti-bullying message. As a Black individual with an Afro-Caribbean background, Ssanyu Lukoma was compelled to write a story featuring Suubi, a main character of color as well. Suubi’s inspiring narrative will show young readers that what makes us unique, can be our greatest strength.

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